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About us

The founder of the Center for Implantology (“Implant Centar Stojanović”) – Primarius Dr. Branislav Stojanović – graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Sarajevo in 1980 after having finished the secondary dental school in Pristina in 1974. He began his career in 1981, as a general dental practitioner at the Sarajevo Health Center, where he worked in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and, later, in the dental prosthetics service section. Dr. Stojanović worked at the Sarajevo Health Center until April 1992.

In Belgrade, Dr. Branislav Stojanović established a dental practice in 1992. The dentist’s office began work as a center for prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry and, since 1997, the center has intensified its oral and implant surgery practice. In 2000, Dr. Branislav Stojanović completed specialization in oral surgery at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade.

Prim. Dr. Branislav Stojanovic is one of the founders of implantology in Serbia. At the time he intensified his implant dentistry practice, many dentists claimed that this was a risky discipline and that the body has a tendency to reject implants. We believed in success and the patients believed in us, which proved to be the right formula for positive results which became visible before long.

In our professional & research papers, we demonstrated the success of our implants and through a permanent presence in professional events, we were able to present our results, which disproved the skepticism of individual colleagues convincingly. In contrast to the times some 10-15 years back, when only a few enthusiasts were involved in implantology, things seem to be moving in quite the opposite direction today…

The main feature of a work of the highest quality in dental implantology is good diagnosis and assessment of the duration of treatment – which requires a high level of expertise, experience and a long-term follow-up. Prim. Dr. Branislav Stojanovic published his first studies on implantology in dental journals back in the year of 2000, at the same time presenting them at domestic and international conferences. For his research and scientific work in the field of implantology, Dr. Branislav Stojanovic was awarded the title of Primarius, by decision of the Ministry of Health No. 153-07-612/2009-02, dated May 27, 2009. From 2013, the dental practice has grown to become a center for implantology – Implant Centar Stojanović, at No. 4 Gaudijeva Street which also offers accommodation to patients during treatment. Prim. Dr. Stojanović follows the modern trends in implantology and successfully performs all interventions at the same level as in other dental centers of excellence worldwide.

Our team is organized to ensure the best possible care for each patient. Our primary goal is to preserve the natural teeth for as long as possible and to ensure, when it becomes necessary, the best replacement which will provide maximum comfort, function, health and aesthetics. We care about our patients, pay attention to their needs and provide them with the best possible professional advice and treatment.