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Pri. Dr. Branislav Stojanović

Prim. Dr. Branislav Stojanović is an oral surgery specialist, a founder and theonly primarius (distinguished doctor) of oral implantololgy in Serbia, with over 30 years of experience.

He presented his vast experience in implantology in numerous research papers and studies. Of particular significance was the ground-breaking paper published in the magazine “ Stomatolog” No. 69, 2002 under the title: “Screw-Cylinder Implant Loading 2 to 4 Weeks after Placement”, which attracted huge attention but at the same time also divided experts. This was, indeed, the first paper ever written by a domestic expert , documenting a possibility of early implant loading, to receive attention of his peers globally. Officially, the method of early and intermediate loading of implants was adopted only in 2004, when other authors from Europe and Serbia published and presented their supportive papers at the First Symposium of Oral Surgeons and Oral Implantologists held in Belgrade (29-30 October 2004 – The Sava Center).

Prim. Dr. Branislav Stojanović, together with a group of other enthusiasts, lays the basis for modern implantology in Serbia and is considered to be one of its founding fathers in Serbia. He took active part in the work of numerous domestic and international congresses, and published numerous papers in the field of implantology. For his many years of efforts in the field, contributions to the development of dental medicine in general and implantology in particular, as well as in recognition of his numerous published works, Dr. Stojanović was awarded the title of “Primarius” (Distinguished Doctor) in 2009.