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The Center also has its own patient Suites. Accommodation in these Suites is free during the treatment period for all of our patients. Transfer from and to the airport is also organized.


Implant Centar Stojanović is located in Belgrade, at No. 4 Gaudijeva Street. All tourist attractions are less than 20 minutes away. During your stay, you can take walks and enjoy sightseeing.

Implant Centar Stojanovic prostorija Implant Centar Stojanovic prostorij

Belgrade, with over 1.7 million inhabitants is the third largest city in southeastern Europe, after Istanbul and Athens. In addition to its size, Belgrade is also proud of being called the city of youth, because more than 40 % of its residents are between 15 and 44 years old. Belgraders are a very friendly and chatty crowd, always ready to party. For this reason, Belgrade’s nightlife is one of the most exciting in the world, as witnessed by its many visitorswho growingly share their similar viewsof the city on social networks, etc.

One of the places you should definitely visit is Kalemegdan Park, with the Belgrade Fortress as its main feature, from where the visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, and the banks of New Belgrade and Zemun.


The Fortress boasts the famous symbol of Belgrade – the Statue of the Victor – which, together with the Fortress clearly indicates that Belgrade, due to its desirable geo-strategic location on the banks of two rivers, was the venue of many battles in the past. The fortress is now a good place to rest and relax in the midst of the beautiful scenery, and if you are sightseeing with children, the visit to the nearby Zoo is a must.


Besides the “Statue of Victor”, you can also visit other Kalemegdan’s attractions, such as busts of numerous prominent persons, the “Sahat Kula” – the clock tower, the “Roman Well” , “Nebojsa Tower”, the “Hammam – Turkish Bath” as well as sports facilities for recreational activities.

Another place that is frequented by every visitor to Belgrade, is the bohemian district – Skadarlija, which is compared by many with the Paris Montmartre because of its appearance and artistic atmosphere.

Skadarlija started to earn its reputation in the first half of the 19th century. Since then, numerous artists, writers and journalists have spent their time in the district’s establishments.


A famous Serbian poet and painter, Djura Jakšić lived and died in Skadarlija. His house was converted into a gathering place for the poets of “Skadarlija evenings”.

Skadarlija is also the place where you can eat well in a bohemian atmosphere in one of its well-known restaurants such as “Tri šešira”, “Ima dana”, “Dva jelena”, “Skadarlija”, “Zlatni bokal”, “Dva bela goluba “and “Putujući glumac”. Art galleries, antique and gift shops are scattered around the district so that each of you can take a piece of Skadarlija home with you!

Besides Skadarlija, one of the most popular destinations in downtown Belgrade is the pedestrian zone & shopping street, Knez Mihailova. There you can see many buildings in different architectural styles from the late 19th century. While at a leisurely stroll, you can indulge yourself in a shopping spree in the outlets of world’s famous brands which might make you forget about the problems with your teeth. If you are not an avid shopper, however, you can relax in one of the cozy sideway cafes.


Nightlife is one of the main features of Belgrade, which distinguishes this city from other major cities in the region. Bars, clubs, boat – restaurants and casinos are open every day (and night) of the week. They successfully maintain an atmosphere of good entertainment and fun with music of almost any genre.

The peculiarity of Belgrade’s nightlife lies on the banks of rivers. The boat – restaurants and clubs are open throughout the year. Ada Ciganlija is one of the most fascinating, fun loving districts in Belgrade. Admission to clubs is free in most cases, taxi rides are not expensive and neither are drinks, so everyone can find “their place” to have fun among the friendly people of Belgrade.


Strahinjića Bana street is the heart of a unique fun zone of Belgrade. In just one street in the city center there are about 20 cafes, restaurants and bars that are always filled with loud and good-humored Belgraders.

Besides the above, Belgrade also offers many other places worth visiting. These are museums, theaters and cinemas … You can say that Belgrade has something for everyone, and hardly anyone has ever left Belgrade disappointed.

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