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Oral surgery

Modern dentistry, including oral surgery, ensures comfortable and pain-free experience through the application of local anesthetics causing minimal trauma to surrounding tissue and rare, insignificant post-surgical complications.

Oral surgery includes the following procedures:

  • Preparation for and placement of dental implants,
  • Maxillary sins floor elevation to increase the volume of bone mass required for dental implant placement,
  • Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth and canines,
  • Extraction of leftover teeth roots,
  • Interventions at the root of the tooth to eliminate periapical processes (apicoectomy),
  • Removal of tumors and cysts,
  • Alveolar ridge leveling and other surgical interventions as part of preparing soft and hard tissue structures in the mouth for the best possible prosthetic rehabilitation,
  • Alveolar ridge augmentation (increasing ridge height)

Oral surgery enables us to prepare the patient, in the most adequate and safest way, for prosthetic works. Without the oral surgery and oral surgical preparation there is no good prosthetics. Oral surgeons deal successfully with all periodontal interventions, because it is a branch closely connected with this discipline. Any planning for a long-term patient care with prosthetic work is unthinkable without the use of oral surgery. The oral surgery is essential for a comprehensive dental practice.