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Periodontal surgery

Periodontal disease is a progressive and degenerative disease of the tooth supporting tissue – periodontium, and the bone tissue, which leads to tooth loosening, migration and tooth loss. Its main characteristic is gum recession, i.e., tooth neck and root exposure. By prophylaxis and treatment in the early phase of the disease, progression of periodontal disease can be prevented. In the more advanced forms of the disease, surgical treatment in the context of periodontal surgery is indicated.

In the treatment of periodontal disease, the flap surgery is the most commonly used surgical procedure. The aim of the procedure is to remove the pathologically altered tissue and reposition the flap.

During surgery, it is often necessary to implant an artificial bone, to compensate for the damage caused by infection and resorption. By inserting bone-substitution (organic) material Bio-oss spongiosa granules, we create the conditions for the young bones to pervade into the organic bone matrix.