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Why choose the Stojanović Implant Centar?

Our many years of experience and numerous performed and quality checked works and treatments with implants provide a good basis for deciding to entrust the health of your teeth to us. In Serbia, there are few oral implantologists who have been in the business for more than 10 years, and even fewer with 15-odd years of experience in the field. We have been placing implants for 22 years! The number of studies on implantology we have published so far is already well over 30! We are the co-founders of implantoligy which allows us, together with years of sound experience, to tackle even the most difficult cases others cannot be expected to handle. For us, there are no unsolvable cases, no partial solutions and no compromise. Our patients enjoy the highest possible protection. Our Gallery presents an outline of our experience.

We differ from others in that our patients trust us, and we make our best efforts to maintain that trust. We guarantee our patients protection with our experience, expertise and continuous professional development. We have the firm basis to publish a success rate that is at a higher level than the globally recorded one, and our practical works bear witness to that. Success can be measured only by those who maintain their own statistical records over a period of one decade at least, and such an assessment requires at least 15 years of experience. Any evaluation given without such an analysis is untrustworthy and lacks realistic foundations.

What makes a good implantologist?

A good Implantologist is the one who has sufficient knowledge and experience to evaluate the overall health of a patient, to assess the condition of his jawbone and the rest of the teeth and to skillfully use these parameters to give to the patient the best possible and most reasonable proposal to eliminate this condition. The doctor should use his expertise ingeniously to inspire confidence in the patient and then justify it by his actions. Each situation should be portrayed realistically – without positive or negative exaggerations. A patient should never be discouraged and the doctor should always find a solution to his problem. A good Implantologist is the implatologist whose actions speak louder than his words!

Where can you find us?

Implant Centar Stojanović is headed by Primarius Dr. Branislav Stojanovic. We are located at Gaudijeva 4, Belgrade.

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Oral implantology refers to surgical procedures aimed at functional rehabilitation of patients using dental implants, i.e., metal elements surgically implanted into the upper and lower jaw.

Implants come in various forms and can be implanted in different positions and by different techniques. Currently, most implants are made of titanium.

Dental tourism

The Center also has its own patient Suites. Accommodation in these Suites is free during the treatment period for all of our patients. Transfer from and to the airport is also organized.

Belgrade, with over 1.7 million inhabitants is the third largest city in southeastern Europe, after Istanbul and Athens. In addition to its size, Belgrade is also proud of being called the city of youth, because more than 40 % of its residents are between 15 and 44 years old. Belgraders are a very friendly and chatty crowd, always ready to party. For this reason, Belgrade’s nightlife is one of the most exciting in the world, as witnessed by its many visitors who growingly share their similar views of the city on social networks, etc.